Thursday, 16 December 2010

Task 3 - Essay Proposal

"Video Gaming and it's effects on young children - is it having an effect on the reshaping of modern day society?"

  • Start with an introduction as to the meaning of gaming and it's social effects of the media on children. 
  • Argue that games such as Call of Duty and such like are desensitising children and also bringing about the possibility of increasing violent behaviours in society. 
  • Begin to look at suture and narcissistic identity
    References -  Practices of Looking: an Introduction to Visual
    Culture. Oxford, Oxford University Press.
    Visualizing Theory: Selected Essays from V.A.R. 1990-1994. New
    York, Routledge, pp.363-384.
  • Then argue that cyberculture is reshaping cultural form and behaviour.
    References - Baudrillard, J. (1976) Simulacra and Simulations: the Body in Theory. Ann Arbor, University of Michigan
    The Cybercultures Reader, London, Routledge. (306.24)
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  • Conclusion

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