Monday, 21 March 2011

Task 6 - Theory Into Practice

Look at the CTS blog that Garry Barker has been writing to complement the lecture programme this year. Write a short response to one of the posts on the blog. Use the ideas that Garry is discussing to mount a short critical evaluation of one piece of Graphic design that you have produced on Level 5.

Looking at this piece
and applying it to one of my books made for "Book Works" on level 5:

One thing I picked up on in Gary's post is " One other issue that is of continuing interest is the integration of contemporary technologies with older formats" as what I chose to do for my books was illustrate a number of characters and people using just their clothes to symbolise them and make them recognisable. The old format / technology was me deciding to hand draw each character initially and then integrate the contemporary use of the computer to aid the digitsing and adding colour to the images. This is how I prefer to work and more often than not I prefer the outcome of the work and feel I have a style coming on. I feel the drawings retain a sense of humanity - that someone hand rendered them - it's so simple to just use contemporary technology to create artwork but there is something quite lovely to me about hand drawn art. 
I also chose to keep the format simple and small so it appeared more like a 'zine' and integrate illustration with the use of type to enhance the image and give it purpose. 
This book actually sold so maybe it will one day feature in an exhibition (highly unlikely) but you never know. It's quite exciting to perhaps have my books profiled at an event. 

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